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H!P icon contest

Hello! Project icon contest
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Hello! Project icon contest

Hi and welcome on hpicon_contest, a brand new iconing community were you can enter a challenge by doing a Hello! Project icon!

Mods: hoshimori & simplycookies
Bannermaker: none. APPLY

Here are the rules!
- You need to be a member to participate to the contest. Simply click on join on the profile page, and that's it! Anyone can enter!
- Limit of 2 icons per participant per challenge.
- Icon must fit the LJ requirement: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG, and lesser than 40kb.
- You can use only picture of current or past Hello!Project group and members. For graduate members still working (ex: Kago Ai and Goto Maki), please stick to their H!P era pictures.
- Icons must be fresh made for this contest, and please, don't post them anywhere else until the results are out.
- All comment are screened.

How to enter:
Simply post a comment on the Challenge submission post by putting the url and the icon, like this one:


To vote, simply comment on the Voting post and write your top 3 favorite icons. Please note that you can't vote for yourself. Also, every week, there will be a special category designed by mods. Voting close after 3 days, and winners are announced by mods.

None at the moment

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